Chapstick, Chapped Lips & Things Like Chemistry: A Relient K Retrospective

In this session we take a look at one of our favorite band’s legacy. Relient K has been an essential part of our stories for our entire adult lives. Here we take some time to reminisce on our favorite moments from the band, talk about their albums in more detail than is warranted, and provide our personal Relient K worst-to-best rankings. 

This is a departure from what we consider the norm for our podcast, but we do want to take some time to discuss more of our favorite bands in the future. 

Relient K (

Judging Religion: Is It Good or Bad?

In this, which we our considering our first episode, we are passing judgment on religion. This is part one of a two-part discussion culminating in us demonstrating the invention of a religion. 

Kevin Max – AWOL (

Rabbi Rami Shapiro – Holy Rascals (

Werner Herzog – Into the Inferno (

Bonus drinking game: Take a shot every time we use the word “religion” 😊